Senin, 07 Maret 2011

So Bad

Lets see what would you do to me.
You made me feel so bad.
You destroyed everything,
faster than you thoughtyou said that you love me.
And the one that you love
but behind that you love somebody else.
Thats make me feel so deep,you know that
fuck all you've said.
Sometimes i feel like stupid person,
the one that i love lied to me.
I know thats really break my heart,but that's life
and i just try to tell you that,
I hate you so much,
i dont want you back,
and go away from my life.
Its too deep and if i look at you,
and that makes me feel so bad
big mistake that i know you. 
Honey, i know that you still love me,
but you chose him to be your special one
so forget me.
And i dont feel regret we've been together.
Your words can make me feel better forever.
You're the biggest mistake that i ever had.
And i just want to you know,
you're the biggest mistake that i ever had.

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